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Quality. Hospitality. Creativity.

We are committed to providing exceptional products whether sourced directly from our roastery or industry partners. Our coffees are all meticulously roasted and cupped ensuring that our roasts and preparations serve the coffee and terroir. We roast daily so every bag of coffee you get from us is fresh. Our commitment to hospitality extends to those that we may never meet through our online subscription and ordering portals. Getting your favorite coffee delivered to your door should be easy, intuitive, and flexible. 

Taking our cues from American cocktail culture and fine dining, we are creating spaces that are warm, lush, and inviting with a palpable focus on hospitality. As career hospitality professionals, we aim to move the coffee industry forward with our service and menu. Our goal isn't to simply provide a quick cup of coffee (though we excel at that). We’re here to be a guide to the world of specialty coffee and to make you feel welcomed, seen, and served. 

Coffee preferences vary greatly; it is a failure of creativity for a coffee menu not to. We believe a coffee bar can serve everything from a fantastic dark roast to an exquisitely crafted beverage that blurs the lines of coffee and cocktail. Whether you need a jolt of espresso to reanimate your weary bones or a beautiful floral tea latte to relax after a long day, we’ve got the elixir you need and a seat at the bar waiting for you. 

Drink. Rise. Haunt the living.